YouTube SEO Coaching Services - Monetize Your Channel

We know the right YouTube SEO and video marketing techniques to grow your YouTube videos and channel into monetization.

We don't do it for you, we help you understand YouTube & Google in order to grow your channel. 

How Do We Do It?

Our service is different than anyone else because we teach you how to manage your own YouTube channel and SEO. For a flat fee per month you get a customized action outline, training on all parts of the YouTube SEO process, implementation assistance, post publish SEO help and more. 

Erica Lucas YouTube SEO Growth Numbers

Get More YouTube Subscribers

Our latest client is a perfect example of how well our YouTube SEO services can grow your channel. We created a plan in the beginning of September 2019 and by the end of October 2019, her subscribers increased from 90 to over 7,000!

Get More YouTube Views

Here is a video from our latest client. Her channel is the same from the above subscriber graph. This particular video gained 18k views in the first 2 weeks. Each video she publishes does better than the previous.

Free YouTube SEO Guide

This SEO Hacker YouTube SEO Guide is free! Just enter your email address and we will email it to you!

YouTube Video Optimization Coaching

YouTube Video Optimization

We teach you how to manage your own channel and give you the tools you need to edit your own videos. The SEO portion, starting with finding keywords for the types of videos you want to publish all the way to analyzing your traffic and helping you adjust your channel accordingly to maximize your revenue.

YouTube SEO Coaching

We listen to you and help you weave through the treacherous waters of Google and YouTube. It's scary, we know. Taking little steps at a time, we can achieve your goals together!

Increase YouTube Views & Subscribers

A proven method that has helped many grow their YouTube channel and viewing hours. It's not guess work anymore, there is an actual way that Google wants videos optimized.

There is a method to their madness...

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