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We hear it all the time. My web designer doesn't understand what I want. Most people are not satisfied with their web design and would love to change it. We believe it shouldn't cost you anywhere near what you are expecting. If you're a small business it may even be cheaper than that!

Not only are we an affordable web design agency, we offer SEO built into our designs. That means your site hits the ground running with Google and gets in front of your customer, making you money. That's what this is all about anyway, let's make you some money!

What is SEO Built Into Web Design?

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is the process of enhancing a website to better the chances of it ranking highly in the search engines. What many people often do not know about Search Engine Optimization is that the goal is not to create a perfect site, but to create a site that is less imperfect than the competition. All else being equal, the search engine should see the optimized site as more relevant. This is not necessarily because the optimized site is of a higher design aesthetic or is more functional than its competition, but rather because it highlights the positives and eliminates as many negatives as possible.

We believe if the web design doesn't make you money, why do you have a website at all?

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Marisa Chiefalo

Trucco Skin

I've been disappointed with web designers in the past, promising service and not fully delivering. All that changed once I used Adam at Digitally Distinguished! Adam is friendly, open to ideas, gives useful advice, and most importantly, made himself available, and was extremely responsive during the entire web design process. He's a gem and I highly recommend him.

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Peter Gonze

Business Consultant

Digitally Distinguished is a new company but the principal, Adam Beal, has been doing work on Web design and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for me for several years. This along with his general IT systems administration expertise, has made him my “go to” for all my on line work and internet marketing. Adam combines technical expertise with practical implementation and is ever present to resolve issues. Through his work my sites have achieved top rankings and he has kept my on line presence in the top rankings in all my critical success factors.

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Responsive design on devices

Responsive Web Design


Responsive Design or (RWD) Responsive Web Design is an approach to web design to create an optimal viewing experience on any device, from desktop computers to mobile phones and tablets.

Your website has to be able to be easily used on any device; phone, tablet, computer and TV. If a person can't read or navigate your site they will leave and you will lose the sale. 

Web Design Kimberton PA: Built with SEO

Combining SEO and web design is challenging because there are many factors on both sides to consider. There are constant battles between the design, the content, the programming, the marketing, and the optimization techniques. The designer must respect that the site he or she is designing will eventually be optimized. Therefore, additional space needed for content must be allocated. The programmer must be flexible to accommodate the various calls to action provided by marketing as well as the optimization techniques involved. The SEO specialist should communicate with the design team and the programming team to orchestrate a smooth transition from web development to SEO web design.

"Why do websites that look great nearly always have SEO that sucks?"

The problem is simple. Websites that look amazing typically offer little opportunity for on-page optimization and conversely pages that are well optimized will often compromise the design and user experience.

This creates a chicken and egg scenario - what is the point in having a website that looks great if it can’t be found? And is there any point of being easy to find if the website isn’t engaging?

We build sites that look amazing and are engaging, yet still maintain SEO performance. We combine user behavior and Google SEO tactics seamlessly to provide your potential clients ease to contact you.

Is your website making the impression that your company deserves? Great web design is a vital component to your overall internet marketing strategy, designed to attract, engage and convert visitors into loyal consumers.

Our websites are custom-designed, user-focused and intuitive. We develop compelling online experiences to bring you the traffic, leads and conversions to boost online sales, drive revenue and maximize lifetime customer value.

A common practice for companies interested in having their website optimized is to design and develop the site, and only then hire a Search Engine Optimization firm to help with the optimization. Unfortunately, this process is redundant and ultimately leads to greater expenses for the company.  The search engines have likely already begun to index the non-optimized site and created their initial scoring of its relevance, and this is their first impression.  A better way of tackling this issue is to design and develop a website with SEO techniques incorporated from the very beginning. While you could still hire an outside SEO firm to communicate these techniques to a web development company, it would save even more time and money to hire Digitally Distinguished.

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web-design-reasons Daily website backups to protect against failures and online attacks.


web-design-reasonsAll content used on the site is original, licensed and/or authorized to prevent copyright or trademark risks.


web-design-reasonsResponsive web design - The website looks great on all devices!


web-design-reasonsWe usually get called after your designer messed up. We would rather design your website right the first time.


web-design-reasonsProfessionally built. Your kid's friend may be able to publish something but we can guarantee you will have issues moving forward.


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