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Our web design service in King of Prussia comes with SEO, or Search Engine Optimization built in. SEO is the process of enhancing a website to better the chances of it ranking highly in the search engines. What many people often do not know about Search Engine Optimization is that the goal is not to create a perfect site, but to create a site that is less imperfect than the competition. All else being equal, the search engine should see the optimized site as more relevant. This is not necessarily because the optimized site is of a higher design aesthetic or is more functional than its competition, but rather because it highlights the positives and eliminates as many negatives as possible.

Web Design is the process of creating an online presence for an individual, group, school, business, government, or other entity. Web Design has evolved over the years from simple HTML to complex processes and scripts such as Ajax, Javascript, XML, PHP and MySQL. While there are many options to build a website, taking the time to have a well thought out, well designed, and well marketed web site is a proven path to success.

We often times use web site template builders like GoDaddy, Square, Wix, WordPress,  and many more. We can work with your existing site and spruce it up if you like.

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WEB DESIGN King Of Prussia PA

With SEO Built In

Combining SEO and Web Design is challenging because there are many factors on both sides to consider. There are constant battles between the design, the content, the programming, the marketing, and the optimization techniques. The designer must respect that the site he or she is designing will eventually be optimized. Therefore, additional space needed for content must be allocated. The programmer must be flexible to accommodate the various calls to action provided by marketing as well as the optimization techniques involved. The SEO specialist should communicate with the design team and the programming team to orchestrate a smooth transition from Web Development to SEO Web Design.

A common practice for companies interested in having their website optimized is to design and develop the site, and only then hire a Search Engine Optimization firm to help with the optimization. Unfortunately, this process is redundant and ultimately leads to greater expenses for the company. The search engines have likely already begun to index the non-optimized site and created their initial scoring of its relevance, and this is their first impression. A better way of tackling this issue is to design and develop a website with SEO techniques incorporated from the very beginning. While you could still hire an outside SEO firm to communicate these techniques to a web development company, it would save even more time and money to hire Digitally Distinguished.

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Elliot John
Elliot John
12:56 09 May 19
Adam Beal, owner of Digitally Distinguished, a company centered in web design and repair of online computer issues gets the job done. And does it well. That’s bottom line. He has not only designed a site for me and helped over the years with general computer repairs, but has remedied some deep, entangled SEO (Search Engine Optimization) issues created by a third party, where only a true pro would do. He knows his stuff! Adam’s cutting-edge knowledge in SEO helps get your site seen! Is there any other website game in town? In this ever-changing cyberspace world, if you need someone to get your computer system and site issues remedied, and who sticks with that pursuit until it is, Adam’s your man. Committed follow-through until completion, including the pesky details. A quality guy, experienced and accomplished. My “go-to” pro for all my computer work!read more
Danielle MacKay
Danielle MacKay
16:27 07 May 19
When it comes to understanding the behind the scenes technical stuff I get lost, but thanks to Adam I didn't have to worry about anything. He came in and explained exactly what he was going to do to make my website more efficient and how he was going to improve my SEO. No worries or stress, thanks Adam!read more
Ken Van Bramer
Ken Van Bramer
10:39 24 Nov 18
Adam's web design and internet marketing are cutting edge. He has designed our golf club website and since it's inception has grown our club five fold. The attention to detail is excellent. I would recommend Digitally Designed to anyone that is looking to grow there internet footprint. Two thumbs up.read more
Peter Gonze
Peter Gonze
16:58 23 Nov 18
Digitally Distinguished is a new company but the principal, Adam Beal, has been doing work on Web design and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for me for several years. This along with his general IT systems administration expertise, has made him my “go to” for all my on line work and internet marketing. Adam combines technical expertise with practical implementation and is ever present to resolve issues. Through his work my sites have achieved top rankings and he has kept my on line presence in the top rankings in all my critical success factors. Peterread more
17:04 08 Nov 18
My party rental business in Philadelphia, TLC Bounce has a lot of competition but Adam has been able to keep my site in the first page of Google for 13 years. Every year my traffic and sales increase and although my budget changes each year, he has always stayed within it. He has rebuilt my site 3 times over those years to keep up with the ever changing internet and my site has never been down or let me down.read more
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