Why Are You Throwing Your Money Away?

Paid advertising with Google or Facebook is a science. They want you to handle your own paid advertising. You are just handing them money and not getting anything out of it. Did you know that almost half of all campaigns we see are robot clicks? That means out of the $1000 a month your spending only $500 are real people.


This is the amount of people that clicked on paid ads in Google results 5 years ago.


This is the amount of people who clicked on paid ads in Google results for 2019.


Projected 1st page of Google results by 2030.

Paid Ads Are A Fast Way Of Getting In Front Of Clients

SEO takes time. A lot of time! Some companies prefer to use paid advertising to get instant results. This is obviously more expensive. We make less money in the end because once your ads are set up, they pretty much run automatically with the occasional support from us.

Do I Need A Solid Website For Paid Ads?


Google has something called a Quality Score. This means they judge your ad against the page it is being directed to. If you have no content and a poor CTR (Click Through Rate), your ad will be more expensive or not show at all.

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