How to Link Traditional and Digital Marketing

Marketing is an evolving field. New ways to get customer attention are constantly being developed. The key to an effective marketing campaign is to select the right methods for your business. The best way to do this will often involve linking traditional methods with newer digital methods.

Cross-Platform Marketing

The more that a potential customer sees references to your business, the more comfortable they will be with becoming a customer. But it isn’t just the frequency of interacting with your business that is important. It is also the variety of ways that they interact with your business. For example, if they see your ad on Instagram several times, they might start to recognize you. 

However, there are some negative stigmas to companies that advertise only on social media. Many of these ads tend to be linked to businesses with dubious practices and, occasionally, outright scams. If a customer then sees your ad in the newspaper or on the radio, they are going to start feeling a little more comfortable with your business. This is the benefit of cross-platform marketing. Choose the platforms that best reach your target demographic and then divide up your marketing efforts between these platforms.

QR Codes in Print

A printed QR code is the perfect way for you to link your more traditional print advertisements to your digital presence on the web. QR codes are powerful tools because they prompt individuals to engage with your ads. An excellent tactic is to use some sort of slogan or captioned image that prompts curiosity. A potential customer then scans your QR code and is taken you to your website. This is much simpler for the potential customer than having to type in your website. You can put QR codes on various printed advertisements. Examples include newspaper advertisements, handouts, coupons, and flyers.


While old-school television may be on its way out, that doesn’t mean television advertising isn’t useful. Younger consumers are just switching out cable for streaming services. While some streaming services don’t run advertisements, many streaming services do, including YouTube and Peacock. You can easily run targeted ads on these services that display your ad to people based on the type of content that they often view. You can even double dip and run the same ads on old-school television. People still use cable services for news and sporting events. The best part is that advertising on this medium has become cheaper due to the shift towards streaming.

While traditional marketing might seem more old-fashioned, that doesn’t mean it’s not effective. Traditional and digital marketing methods can easily work together to accomplish your goals for your business. Try linking them together so your business can experience the benefits of both methods.

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